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Grizzly Bear

This is not a photo of me. This is a bear. Come on. 


Let's do this in third person; why not?!


Sophia Benoit grew up in Missouri, which went mostly how you'd expect. She then got into USC for theatre back when she still thought she was going to be an actress (lmfao). Now, she's ever-so-slightly less deluded and she's a writer. She bases a lot of her self-worth on things she has no control over.


Sophia has had bylines in The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Men's Health, Insider, Allure, Refinery29, Reductress, Mr. Porter and The Cut. She is also a regular sex & relationships columnist for GQ and Bustle, where her editors are constantly asking her to cut back on italics.

She writes an advice newsletter called Here's The Thing because she's addicted to telling people what she thinks! Write in and ask a question! 

Sophia lives in LA with her boyfriend because rent is expensive and he's hot. They have a dog named Party.

Every time she gets drunk she makes everyone listen to "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman.

Why are the paragraphs getting shorter as I go?

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